What an Ideal Sales Candidate for KLX Aerospace Solutions Looks Like

As a Manager on our Sales team, Sascha Wehske has the inside scoop on the attributes we look for in the ideal KLX Aerospace Solutions candidate. Below, he gives a peek behind the curtain of KLX’s sales team and shares what a new hire can expect when joining the team.

Be Ready to be Part of Something Bigger

“Candidates need to fit into the role and fit in with the sales team, but they also need to fit into the culture of KLX. Our culture is very important to our success, and we look for true team players. Typically in sales, you have individuals who are self-motivated, and that’s important.  But we also value someone’s ability to work within our matrix organization, across functions, across regions – across the world!

Flexibility is Key

“You have to be flexible and open to change. We’re not a highly bureaucratic organization, so we don’t have processes in place for every little step required in a day. Things can and do change and we have adapted and stay focused. We are looking for people who are comfortable in a fluid, growing environment – who are not just capable but enjoy it.  , Resourcefulness and curiosity are also great attributes, specifically for Sales. We really take the time to know what our customers are looking for and figure out how we can best serve them, sometimes presenting solutions that they haven’t thought of yet.”

Look at Customer Experience Differently

“We say ‘at 30,000 feet and 500 miles per hour, there’s no such thing as a small part.’  To us, and to our customer, it doesn’t matter if it’s a $15 or $10,000 order – we want someone who can go above and beyond to create a good customer experience. Our customers are our business. And we make it our business to make them as successful as possible. We want people who understand this, and who truly enjoy delivering excellent service and making customers happy.

Ability to Give and Take Feedback  

“A major trait of our top performers is that they ask for a lot of feedback. We value feedback in our culture, so we’re asked for it and give it. We want our people to speak up as well—if something isn’t working or we can do it better, we want to know.”

Why Join the Team

“This is an exciting industry. You have to be ready for everything and anything. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to enjoy. Our most successful people are willing and ready to learn, they keep an open mind, and they ’re motivated by the challenge. At KLX, incentives aren’t just monetary (though we like those, too!)—we have great benefits, opportunities to learn across the business, and we have many opportunities for different career paths in locations all over the world. We’re a global company, and we ’re growing. It’s a great time to be a part of the KLX family! ”

If you check all the boxes of fitting in with our team, we’d love to have you apply today!