Reaching New Heights in Customer Success with Our Sales Team

Reaching new heights can only be achieved by adding clients, and our sales department is the backbone behind that. Manager Julio Albornoz has been at KLX Aerospace since 2012 and knows how the sales team helps make the business run. We sat down with Julio to talk to him about the five things he gets to be a part of every day that makes him proud to be a part of team, KLX.

On the sales team, we have the opportunity to see KLX’s mission come to life every day.

“Selling the mission of KLX means making sure external clients know our name. We make sure that they know we are number one and want to make sure they’re number one also. We aim to be the number one supplier through our actions, whether through our leaders and team members, and our salespeople aim to prove it to our customers.”

We are constantly trying to be the best for our customers.

“It means being the first-choice supplier for our customers through prompt and efficient actions, making sure we get things right the first time and being accountable at every stage. Always working together with all departments within KLX, keeping in mind the needs of our customers. For my team and I, it means making sure the price points on our part numbers are at competitive levels, giving the salespeople the best opportunity to make the sale and satisfy the needs of the customer.”

At KLX we are able to adapt quickly.

“I have a set of clients that always make it a point to contact the pricing team when our pricing is not competitive as per customer feedback. On several occasions, we’ve been able to act quickly to review the available data and adjust pricing to a level more in line with the market, allowing the sales team to win the order. has been expanding greatly over the last year and a big part of that is due to pricing being more competitive across a large number of parts.”

We are always looking to create a large impact and improve our processes.

“Recently we’ve been looking at customer feedback a lot more in order to improve processes. We had one customer leave feedback on, and they called us ‘the top website in the industry.’ We were all shocked and completely surprised, it was an accomplishment we at KLX were proud and ecstatic about.”

Each and every team member is valued.

“Recognition from the company on our hard work and efforts. Recognition comes from all facets of the company. From the top down, we are recognized for even the littlest things. Some of the recognition we regularly see are team building activities (bowling, Top Golf), monthly awards, promotions and of course our yearly recognition ceremony.”

KLX puts their employees first, always! Are you ready to join yet? Apply today to grow career, pursue your passion and make a difference with KLX.