How Our IT Team Lives Out KLX’s Mission, “Part of Something Bigger”

The IT organization at KLX Aerospace Solutions is an integral piece in helping our company as a whole, reach new heights. Gerald Ng, an IT Manager for Application Development, has been part of the KLX team since 2011. In the Q&A below, Gerald shares what his team works on as part of IT, how they fit into the bigger picture of KLX, and how he helps lead his team to success.

What does the application development team do for KLX? My team comprises 12 software developers at the moment, both onshore and offshore. Our main focus is to deliver projects across the organization, and I lead the team in completing those projects.

What types of projects are you currently working on? How is it positively impacting other departments? We’re in the midst of going live with a new warehouse management system that’s being rolled out to all of our warehouses across the globe, starting in Phoenix. It’s very exciting and ultimately will revolutionize the way our warehouses across the globe operate. In the time it’s been live in our first location, it’s already improved the effectiveness of orders taken and orders going out the door.

How does the IT team work with other departments to create the best solutions? On the IT team, we have Business Analysts and Project Managers, and most of the time they’re the ones who bridge that gap. We also encourage an open-door policy which allows our team members to directly contact business stakeholders when questions arise, which allows us to be more efficient and to build more relationships across the business so we can really see the impact that we’re making.

How does IT fit into the bigger picture of KLX? Our main goal is to always have a positive impact on the bottom line—we’re always looking for ways to improve upon existing systems and processes. Coming up with new solutions, such as the warehouse management system I’m working on now, helps other parts of the business be more effective and deliver best-in-class solutions. At KLX, our mission is to be Part of Something Bigger, and in IT we deliver that mission through technology and service.

What does success look like on the IT team? Success is about being innovative, as well as a great communicator. These two qualities really help our team members succeed in overcoming challenges, because they’re thinking outside the box and they’re communicating problems with others who can help them solve those problems.

How do you, as a team leader, help employees succeed? In turn, how does the success of your employees help KLX reach organizational goals? The best way I can keep my team motivated is to communicate how our goals directly impact the business. Our goals on the IT team line up with KLX’s goals as an organization—they’re directly linked. So when I can link our efforts to the goals of KLX, my team sees the impact they’re making on the business.

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