Five Traits Our Hiring Managers Look For in Supply Chain Candidates

At the core of operations for KLX Aerospace Solutions is our Supply Chain team. While  KLX is an aerospace company, we don’t manufacture  any parts —rather, we are the global experts in making sure aerospace parts get where they need to be, when they need to be there for building and repairing aircraft of every kind.

Griffin Goeddel, a Commodity Director who has been with KLX since 2012, is a leader on the Supply Chain team, and is responsible for making sure we’re hiring the best to help us be the best. Here’s what Griffin says are the top traits he looks for in candidates:

Five Must-Have Qualities for Candidates Wishing to Join Our Supply Chain Team

1. Is a Problem Solver…

“Solving problems is what, at a 30,000 foot view, supply chain and procurement people do. Being able to think critically and outside the box, rather than follow a set path, is extremely important.”

2. …And is also a Negotiator

“Our job is all about negotiation because our number one priority is to remove added costs from the business so that we can secure the very best price for our customers. But not everyone is a negotiator. For example, some people like the experience of buying a car and going to a dealership to get the best deal possible, and some people loathe it because it’s uncomfortable. In our Supply Chain team, the people who enjoy the negotiating experience enjoy being on our team.”

3. Has a Sense of Urgency

“It’s easy for people to get comfortable in a job, but the people who continuously work with a greater sense of urgency are able to take a step back and not look at it just as work. They see the bigger picture. They understand they’re working on more than buying a part number; they’re solving a problem for our customers. For example, for our customer Boeing, you’re contributing to keeping that 737 with 136 passengers, getting where it needs to be safely and quickly. That’s why we say at KLX, we’re truly a Part of Something Bigger. .”

4. Can Build Strong Relationships

“When I’m looking at candidates for cultural fit, the ability to build solid relationships is paramount. Our relationships – both internal and external – can be what makes a difference between a positive or negative outcome, so having the ability to be personable and build a relationship is critical.”

5. Has a Competitive Edge

“Competitiveness is a must. If you’re competitive, you’re going to come in, strive to over deliver  and do well. All those things create momentum for the business. And our team is a competitive group, so it’s important to fit into that!

Do you check all five of Griffin’s boxes? We’re currently hiring and would love to have you apply!