Driving Business Embodies the Supply Chain Department

At KLX, our Supply Chain department oversees the whole lifecycle of the consumer products from start to finish. We sat down with Juan Cardenas, Senior Expeditor, to discuss the inner workings of our Supply Chain department and how he sees his role fitting into the overall operations of KLX.

Bringing Our Mission to Life

“Being at the core of the business means our job is to take an extremely proactive role to fully support our customer as part of something bigger. We must always make sure to think ahead, outside of the box and figure out how we can keep KLX on top of the competition. “

Contributing to The Mission One Link at A Time

“Personally, I contribute by helping to ensure that our suppliers are on track to deliver parts to us in time so that we can meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, I focus on providing excellent customer service to our sales team and overall throughout all departments.”

Collaborating Equals Productivity

“Collaboration within the team and with customers is constant. We make sure to always communicate with every business function and engage in an array of processes that benefit the organization and customer. We make sure to support and assist each other and I have an open-door policy as well for all.

Driving Business Embodies the Supply Chain Department

“I see the supply chain as being the bloodstream of the KLX body. We drive the systems of the business with the vision of hitting our key results. From project management to overseeing the maintenance of past due accounts and keeping them to a minimum. Every quarter is a challenge, which makes the supply chain function a particularly interesting part of KLX.”

Improving Overall Processes to Equal Success

“Success in the supply chain department means supporting our customers externally and our sales team internally in a way that improves processes throughout the business. In the organizational aspect, our team makes sure we respond in a timely manner, as well as hold professional supplier relationships. We strive to make sure we always provide stellar performance when dealing with our suppliers and that we always hit our organizational goals.”

Keeping Up with The Jones’s (Trends)

“The supply chain industry changes every day. Processes and trends change and improve every day, so it is detrimental that we stay ahead. The supply chain team stays up-to-date with current trends and looks at initiating system-based improvements and implementing them as we come across them. An example of this is our development of new upload tools for Cardex along with new procurement tools that help the organization with its new productivity system.

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