Behind the Scenes in I.T. with Arlene Friedman

At KLX Aerospace Solutions, we have many teams and departments to choose from to help you build a career that’s right for you. On our IT team, we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate and incorporate different skills to produce top results. Part of producing top results means reaching new heights and finding the best systems, hardware or software, for the company to utilize. Arlene Friedman-Pons, a Senior IT Business Analyst, shared with us a little bit of the behind the scenes of the IT team and what you will learn with a career on our IT team.

You will become a master in our product while being pushed professionally to become an expert in back-end IT support.

“The mission of our IT team is to provide high-quality technology-based services, in a cost-effective manner. We facilitate KLX’s mission on the back-end. We provide continuous support to the business while constantly searching for ways to find perfect solutions internally and externally. Just like any other department here at KLX customer service is part of our product and service we aim at providing.”

You will have the opportunity to be Part of Something Bigger.

“We are all part of something bigger and when the company is profitable we are all profitable. Meeting customers’ expectations both with internal employees and external clients quickly and efficiently is what success is for us on the IT team”.

You will get to try new solutions, to produce top results.

“Every day is new and exciting for us in the IT department. Since we are always exploring new initiatives that aim at improving process flow, we are always moving forward and looking for new practices. Currently, maximizing our order process with our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System is one of our bigger developments going on right now.”

You will get support from your team members and your leaders.

“Our managers are some of the most amazing people to work with and alongside. Our IT managers are always willing to lend a helping hand, they have contagious positive attitudes and all of them have open door policies. These are just some of the things I believe truly help and encourage growth and support amongst our IT team.”

You will have your own voice.

“If you’re looking for a place where you can grow, bring ideas or innovation and have a goal to be the best in their field, then KLXs IT department is for you. You can expand and contribute just as much as anyone else here, in any position. We look for hard workers and problem solvers who will enable us to outshine our competitors.”

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